Solawash Pro 2000

Der nächste Schritt in der hellen weissen LED-Revolution von High End Systems

With incredible output from a 600w LED source, there is now a wash light with no compromises. The SolaWash Pro 2000 is the only LED wash light able to outshine 1500w metal halide units while using half the power and reducing maintenance intervals and operating costs. The fixture also comes with a 2 year warranty as standard. Packed with CMY, Variable CTO, 2 Fixed Color Wheels, Framing, Iris, 2 variable Wash Filters, a 5.5 to 55 degree zoom range and the ability to create stunning beam looks this is a true workhorse of any rig. Complementing this full feature set, the SolaWash Pro 2000 includes High End Systems’ patented thermal control software ensuring that the fixture’s cooling system is as efficient as possible while being whisper quiet. Further to this, there are various cooling modes in order to meet differing customer requirements such as opera and broadcast.

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