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Digital and hybrid events

In times of social distancing, the form of an event is varied: live, hybrid or digital. auviso supports you in finding the right form and realizes your event individually according to your needs.

Competent partner for live, digital and hybrid events

With 17 years of experience in event and media technology, auviso is your competent partner. We know which technology best suits your event. We also advise and support you in data security and the encrypted transmission of the content.

Tools to support your online event

We offer you the ideal platform for your virtual event, your digital trade fair and your hybrid event, tailored to your requirements.

Multimedia content of great importance

Especially with a virtual event, there is no live atmosphere, which increases the relevance of the content. We produce your content tailored to the target audience. In this way you can also address and inspire the participants online.


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Digital and hybrid event formats

Are you planning a digital or hybrid event? We will show you the various options and implement the format that is right for you.

 Hybrid events

A hybrid event combines live and virtual elements: an event with an audience is expanded with a digital component. With this modern format, your guests can attend the event either physically or online.

  • Participants choose the type of participation
  • Greater range
  • Less time and travel expenses for online participants


Webinars are becoming more and more popular. These seminars are broadcast live over the Internet and thus enable participation from any location. A webinar is particularly suitable for presentations, lectures, and training courses. Webinars are time-independent and are also available later on demand. This extends the life of your event.

  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Interaction by the participants possible in different ways
  • Participant monitoring
  • Speakers are location-independent
  • Time-independent participation
  • Less time and travel expenses for the participants


With a live stream, your event is broadcast live on the Internet.

  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Interaction by the participants possible in different ways
  • Available worldwide
  • Less time and travel expenses for the participants
  • Can also be used in hybrid form in addition to the live event

 Video conferencing

Video conferences are ideal for exchanging information between several participants whenever a physical meeting is not possible. In times of home office and mobile working environments, they are almost part of everyday life.

  • Location-independent participation
  • Less time and travel expenses for the participants
  • Interaction despite different locations
  • External guests can be included

 Studio recordings

Studio recordings are made in professionally equipped rooms. Your message will be recorded in a high-quality video. The recording can be used, for example, as a live broadcast, as a recording or as raw material for a later production. auviso has its own studio, but we will also convert your location into a professional studio, be it fixed or mobile..

  • High flexibility
  • Broadcast live or on demand
  • Individual banding possible
  • Long range thanks to the digital broadcast

 Virtual trade fairs

We support trade fair organizers with a virtual trade fair environment or implement a completely individual digital trade fair booth for exhibitors. Digital trade fairs can be quite an experience!

  • Your target group will remember you with your brand
  • Access to a larger audience, as there are no time and travel expenses for the participants
  • Potential to reach out to customers beyond the region
  • Access monitoring
  • Success and participant interest can be measured more easily