media technology specialist planning

Media technology specialist planning

auviso designs and plans user-friendly solutions for media technology installations – economical, reliable, sustainable, manufacturer-independent and based on the common phase model of the construction industry.

Individual solutions and sustainable operation

Our specialist planners have expert knowledge in the field of media technology. With each project that we plan, we focus on tailor-made, future-oriented and high-quality solutions for your needs. We accompany you through every stage in your project, from clarifying needs to its implementation. We carry out all planning work according to the common phase model of the construction industry.

Our concepts are based on economy, reliability and user-friendliness and are sustainable and resource-saving. We are used to developing, planning, and realizing individual masterplans and specific solutions. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have mastered cooperation with the various stakeholder groups such as builders, general contractors, architects, electrical planners, public authorities, etc.

Client representation

We complement your skills with our experience and support you in all phases of the project, from the investment decision through to commissioning.


Our specialist planners look after your project throughout the entire planning process according to the current phase model of the construction industry: from the preliminary study to project planning and the tendering process to execution, operation, and maintenance.

 Preliminary studies

  • Clarification of needs
  • Property inspection
  • Feasibility studies
  • Proposed solutions

 Project planning: preliminary project

  • Technical planning
  • Cost estimate
  • Scheduling

 Project planning: construction project

  • Specified technical planning
  • Coordination of interfaces with third-party trades
  • Specified cost estimate
  • Evaluation criteria and their weighting


We create subject-specific tender documents for public and private procurement. We would be happy to advise you on the subsequent evaluation of individual providers.

  • Creation and dispatch of tender documents
  • Advice to awarding offices and procurement departments
  • Bid evaluation
  • Recommendation of the best tenderer


  • Quality assurance and execution control
  • Documentation
  • Technical support
  • Defect and pendency management

 Operation and maintenance

  • Technical operating concepts
  • Planning of maintenance and upkeep
  • Lifecycle management


Trust in our many years of experience and expertise in the following areas:


The right sound and optimal sound quality for every room and every application.


Your presentation is perfectly displayed in the optimal size and brightness. We ensure that your information is noticed by the target audience.

 Show and architectural lighting

Show off your building, façade or room to its full advantage. We create lighting concepts for indoor and outdoor areas that are harmoniously integrated into the architecture and room planning.


Flexible assembly and placement concepts for universal use of your event space.


The easiest communication for space and location-independent collaboration.

 Media control

User-friendly control systems – operationally reliable and tailored to the user groups.

 Digital signage

The right advertising message or information in the right place: with digital signage, you can use various display media to provide the desired texts, images, or videos for your target audience. With a good signage solution, we provide orientation, help visitors to find the direct route, and guide them quickly to their destination.

 Network and AV management

We keep an eye on the system and coordinate the necessary interfaces and trades.

 Operation and control concepts

Based on your requirements and strengthened with our extensive know-how, auviso creates tailor-made business concepts and intuitive operating concepts.


We produce your personal content – individually and expressively.

 Room booking and room management

Manage rooms and workplaces quickly and easily, and precisely analyze their use. We rely on booking and door information systems with an optimal connection to the existing infrastructure.