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auviso offers turn-key solutions for fixed audio and video installations. Our systems are complex, but always easy to handle and reliable. For conference rooms, training rooms or museums.

Durable solutions

Spaces depend on light and sound. We create customized and sustainable solutions for sound and imaging of sites. We realize projects in convention centers and conference rooms, training rooms, museums, hotels or restaurants. Anywhere you want to make a venue memorable.

You need to convey information clearly? To increase attention and allow for a better visualization, we can develop interactive systems in which various media are networked.

Easy to use

Behind the complex technology are people. Without them, even the best speakers and screens are of no use. We provide reliable systems that are as easy to use as possible. Let us take care of what happens behind the scenes. That’s our speciality.


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You can rely on our personal and professional support, technically innovative and creative designs, our expert planning and our reliable and professional implementation for permanent installations. No matter how complex the system is in the background, for you it should be easy to operate. We take care of the rest. 


  • personal contact person
  • budgeting
  • feasibility studies


  • preliminary
  • proof of concept
  • visualization (rendering)


  • technical planning
  • audio and video engineering
  • lighting plans
  • production planning
  • CAD-planning
  • scheduling
  • rack layouts
  • schematics
  • operating concepts
  • tender preparation


  • technical direction
  • material purchasing
  • media production audio / video
  • programming
  • rack layouts
  • installation
  • commissioning
  • content management
  • labeling
  • documentation
  • transport and logistics

Fields of Activity

Our multimedia solutions appeal to all the senses, whether in small or large spaces, indoors or outdoors. We develop customized systems according to your needs.


Exciting lectures and presentations in front of a large audience are not only dependant on the speaker’s eloquence. Multimedia tools are now mandatory: content with audio and video can encourage attention, improve the learning process and underline the topics discussed.

  • Auditorien
  • Hörsäle
  • Kongresshäuser
  • Event-Locationse

 Building Automation

Press a button and your presentation starts. The blinds are shut down, the lights dimmed, the projector turns on and the music plays. These are  just some of the functions we can offer. We can make intuitively controlled  touchscreen panels and install them for you.

  • Schulungsräume
  • Auditorien und Hörsäle
  • Besucherzentren
  • Restaurants und Hotels
  • Kongresshäuser
  • Boardrooms
  • Brandlands und Erlebniswelten
  • Event-Locations
  • Sitzungszimmer


Whether it comes to setting up a meeting room, an interactive experience, scenic lighting or a state-of-the-art sound system, we have the experience to advise you competently and implement it according to your needs.

  • Auditorien und Hörsäle
  • Besucherzentren
  • Konferenz- und Meetingräume
  • Kundenzonen
  • Sportstadien
  • Restaurants und Hotels
  • Kongresshäuser
  • Boardrooms
  • Einkaufszentren
  • Brandlands und Erlebniswelten
  • TV-Studios
  • Event-Locations
  • Konzerthäuser
  • Ausstellungen und Museen
  • Empfangs- und Aufenthaltsbereiche
  • Sitzungszimmer
  • Unterrichts- und Seminarräume

 Business Rooms

The possibilities of business communication are endless. Diverse participants from different parts of the world need to be able to communicate and to rapidly exchange digital information at the same time. We have the technology to bring your global business partner in your meeting room.

  • Schulungsräume
  • Auditorien und Hörsäle
  • Konferenz- und Meetingräume
  • Kongresshäuser
  • Boardrooms
  • Sitzungszimmer

 Worlds of Experience

For showrooms, visitor centers or wherever you want to delight your guests with multimedia experiences, we offer technological innovation and the know-how to achieve your goals.

  • Besucherzentren
  • Kundenzonen
  • Restaurants und Hotels
  • Einkaufszentren
  • Brandlands und Erlebniswelten
  • Ausstellungen und Museen
  • Empfangs- und Aufenthaltsbereiche

 Schools and Education

Modern education also needs audio and video support. Content that is presented in a multimedia format can help improve attention and the learning process of the students while at the same time making it easier to remember the material presented.

  • Schulungsräume
  • Auditorien und Hörsäle
  • Konferenz- und Meetingräume
  • TV-Studios
  • Empfangs- und Aufenthaltsbereiche
  • Sitzungszimmer
  • Unterrichts- und Seminarräume


Our team is prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technological progress. So we always are in a position to offer you the most modern products and systems that will delight you and your guests.


  • speakers
  • amplifiers
  • microphones
  • digital mixers
  • recorders and players
  • teleconference systems
  • DSP Systems


  • LCD and DLP-projectors
  • screens
  • public-displays
  • Info-terminals
  • touch-screens
  • cameras
  • visualisers
  • Video conferencing systems
  • recorders and player
  • media servers
  • teleprompter systems
  • voting systems and coordination
  • video switcher, scaler and Converter
  • multi-format matrix Switcher
  • transmission systems
  • Distribution


  • media controls
  • touch panels
  • media players
  • termination panels
  • video and audio processors


  • tungsten spotlight
  • LED spotlight
  • moving lights
  • dimmers
  • lighting controls


  • servers
  • computer stations
  • networks


  • AMX
  • Crestron
  • SpinetiX
  • Coolux
  • Medialon
  • DemoPad
  • IntuiFace
  • ColdFusion


  • simultaneous translation
  • intercom-systems
  • VoIP
  • systems for the hearing impaired